Cyclo, products that work. Cyclo professional workshop lubricants.

Introducing Cyclo workshop lubricants, cleaners and adhesives.

Cyclo products are professional strength and offer superior performance at a competitive price. Cyclo products are made in the USA, where they have been the #1 choice in workshops for over 50 years.

The range includes penetrating lubes, aerosol greases, silicone, brake and parts cleaners and degreasers right through to glass cleaner and hand cleaner.

For pricing or further information on any products contact us at or call 03 489 8790

Featured Products:

Break Away
Fast Penetrating Lubricant, heavy duty blend. Stops and controls rust and corrosion, frees rusted and frozen parts. Break Away is 100% oil based and contains no silicone. It won’t evaporate away like other light duty, solvent based products. It also leaves a protective coating, protecting against further oxidation. Very popular choice for garages, workshops and contractors. (370g aerosol can or 3.8L can)


Silicone Spray

Synthetic oil free lubricant. Seals out moisture and handles high temps. Ideal for lubricating locks amongst hundreds of other uses! (283g aerosol can)


White Lithium Grease

Penetrates then solidifies. Ideal for getting grease into those hard to reach places. (312g aerosol can)


Brake & Parts Clean

Professional strength, non chlorinated brake and parts cleaner. Quick drying and super strong cleaner. One can should be enough for four brakes. (397g aerosol can)


Engine Clean Degreaser

Heavy duty degreaser, cuts and dissolves grease and grime. Spray on – rinse off. (454g aerosol can)


Glass Clean

Streak-proof foam glass cleaner. Cuts grease, grime and nicotine film from glass. No ammonia, so safe for tinted windows. (583g aerosol can)


Max44 Fuel System Cleaner

Helps solve performance problems caused by excessive deposits.  Powerful action – a tank of fuel treated with MAX44 continuously bombards deposits, removing layers of buildup on injectors, intake valves and ports, combustion chambers, and pistons.  Available in both petrol and diesel formulas. Increases fuel economy, restores power and reduces emissions. (473mL bottle)

Citrus Hand Cleaner

Citrus based hand cleaner with pumice to remove the most ingrained dirt. Removes grease, oil, ink and more. (3.8L Pump bottle)